Thursday, 9 July 2015

Summer Wolfing...

Wolf and Whippet Summer Loving

The longer Summer days bring with them more hours and more warmth. For the wolf this means morning walks along the river and through the woods when it is at its coolest. Sometimes the wolf lifts his head closing his eyes to the breeze. Summer also comes with a change of colour on our walks. White of cow parsley amongst the luscious green, in contrast to the deep blues of the sky, often perfect with no blemish of clouds.

The warm sunny weather means different dogs and walkers, as well as old friends of the Wolf and Whippet. A favourite dog friend is the lovely mini schnauzer Seth who has won both hearts of the two best friends, an honoured role it seems. The two love playing with other dogs but still prefer the company of each other, however Seth has been fully accepted. The three resting under a favourite tree for shade during the heat. Okami met up with a small Pug this week too, a game of chase and jumping ensuing, the scene causing much laughter due to the unlikely pair.

The beginning of the infamous stick game...

 A rest under the shade of the favoured tree...

 Where the wolf goes the whippet follows...and what the whippet says the wolf does.

Best friends walking and exploring...

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

No wolves past this point...

No Wolves Allowed

Most of the no dogs warnings we see look like labs or other family dogs in the signs. However this local one did make me stop and smile.It seems that in very specific areas wolves are simply not allowed to roam. Okami rather unhappy about that and rebellious chose to pose underneath the sign striking a smile.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sound of Howling...

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of the 

Wolf and Whippet

A wolf and whippet meet on a sunny afternoon, over hills and through the woods. At the top of the common the two friends paused in the sun amongst the buttercups before chasing each other in a game, where Okami threw himself to the ground on his back in sheer joy while Poppy bit him. It is one of the favourite games they play. The common is quiet bar for the two friends rustling in the grass and Poppy's growls.

During the week the cloud has been broken with sun piercing through the grey. Okami prowled the woodland calmly on our solo walks together as we ran up and down the banks. The cow parsley has turned the woods a soft white from the blue carpet of the bluebells, now a memory of early Spring. Equally pretty and fragrant. Most mornings Okami will stop and greet his friend Jake the collie on the wall of his home. Sharing a treat and brief dog conversation before we walk into the tree opening.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Restful Wolf...

The Playful and Restful Wolf

Some days for the young wolf, after a long run through trees and inclines there is nothing he likes more than to move around the house resting. His favourite spots change depending on mood or if hot with his dual coat. Today was a special walk as Iggy or rather Teddy Pompoms joined us. Okami's Big-Little brother of 12 years who can not see terribly well now. The dynamics are highly amusing, Okami very much still the younger, annoying brother. The wolf and fox brothers ran freely though white blooms and fallen blossom, at times side by side, other moments exploring different smells. 

 Is that really your bed and reading choice?

 A Kiss

Friday, 1 May 2015

The travelling wolf and his bag...

Backpacking Wolf Style

Sometimes I load Okami's backpack with a few bits, of which some items are his own. Poo bags for example and treats, essentials for a wolf baby. Today we were solo, which is nice at times and I have my boy to myself. He becomes the grown up, nonchalant chap he usually is when his friends aren't with him. Following me and waiting at times for my slow two legs to catch up with his powerful four. We decided on a different route to mix things up and different fields, however I made the decision to cross across the golf course which we do with Poppy on our walks. This was where he missed his best friend, picking up a stick and bouncing around me, a game he only plays with her. After realising I was simply not as fun or quite so interested in his stick we hiked on waving at the golfers and over the hills.

Yesterday was bathed in warm sunlight unlike the creeping grey of today. Okami and I walked through the woods and flowers, enjoying the last of the sun before the advancing rainy weekend.

The bluebells glowed their blue tones, we will definitely be sad when they finish their blooms. Especially my daughter, Wren as they are her favourite flower.